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Tu ed io

(You and I)
photo collage

"Tu ed io" (You and I) is a photographic project. I brought together a large number of photographs representing couples of people linked by different personal relationships (husband and wife, mother and daughter, two brothers, etc.), and then selected a restricted number of them in order to put together a series consistent with the message, but also to emphasize its plastic structure.
Starting from the photographs I found, I have then manipulated them through the art of paper cutting, giving life to a new composition of the image. Through the paper cutting technique I isolate the single subjects, separate them from the person standing on her/his side, hence highlighting the individual features deducible from the poses taken, but also from the relation between the protagonists. Under this process of focusing the attention on the single figures, often void spaces emerge, parts of bodies are sharply cut off and such emptiness is frequently replaced by the silhouette of the other figure. The missing parts, the asymmetry of the silhouettes, the voids that stand out against the framing, highlight the interpersonal relationships of the portrayed figures.
Following to this intervention of isolation and separation, I have intervene with a subsequent process of reconstruction that takes place by keeping the figures on levels that are physically distant. As the original image becomes once again clearly legible, the game of the staggered levels obtained by manipulating the interlaced photographic paper and the frame confirms the definitive existence of voids and cuts-out to highlight the individuality of the portrayed figures, their range of action within the surrounding space, the role played by each of them in asserting their own identities and in the relationship with the other.
The final composition addresses the impossibility of completely melding with the other and the emergence of each individuality, as well as the roles taken in the relation with the other.