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di Mariana Ferratto e Sara Basta

Installation 2012
composed by: Fais Dodo, video 3mn
Apo, video loop
a series of drawings made by the children that make up a multilingual vocabulary audio CD with all the lullabies sung by mothers

A project by Sara Basta and Mariana Ferratto(artists) with the curator Emanuela Termine.
Promoted by the municipal library "Dino Penazzato" (Rome), in collaboration with the primary school "Carlo Pisacane" (Rome), the Embassy of Bangladesh in Rome and Sala 1 International Centre for Contemporary Art. The project won the competition "Arte, Patrimonio e Diritti umani" (Art, cultural heritage and uman rights) announced by Connecting Cultures - research agency for art and territory, in partnership with ISMU Foundation and supported by the Italian Ministry of Culture.

The project center on the children of the respective communities as it is the children who first assimilate and learn the language. The project hopes to aid the integration and language learning of the foreign children and through them to connect to the mothers. The mother-child relationship is important, as many women don’t have the opportunity to establish relationships outside the family. Therefore it is the children who connect them to the Italian language and culture.
It is a linguistic-artistic exchange promoting mutual respect and understanding between foreign and Italian communities. Language is the first barrier encountered when approaching a new culture and is an intrinsic part of an individual and a country’s identity.