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2016 performance

The subtle performance "Dissolvenze" represents a further tile in my research on the theme of identity.
As a "non-place", identity acts in the world through the transformation of the body and its image; in this case, a performer will try to make people ponder on the perception and representation of themselves.
The performer is someone from the audience, who will completely change her looks every 40 minutes. Such change is made in a hidden place.
From a girl with curly hair and heavy make-up wearing colorful clothes, she will change into an elegant woman with heels, jacket and short hair; then again, into a young lady with long, straight hair, cloak and blue hat.
With this work, I want to talk about hiding, about trying not to be recognized, going unnoticed, disguised in silent mutations.
However, it is also an experiment on the audience and their ability to focus, to perceive details and small changes. Nowadays we are used to looking at the spectacle of reality, without paying attention to details, aren't we?